Manila.js Fridays 004

Junerey Casuga in javascript, manila, meetup

When I was browsing over the internet, I came across on a post from a web developers’ community that I’ve joined. That post was about an event for JavaScript developers called Manila.js Fridays organized by Manila.js.

Manila.js is a JavaScript community here in Metro Manila, Philippines. It was born on February just this year(2013). They organize an event every first friday of the month which is called Manila.js Fridays. It is an event where JavaScript enthusiasts gather and meet together in one place. It’s not just a meetup event but you can also learn from this event because there are talks from different speakers invited.

Last July 5, 2013, I’ve attended Manila.js Fridays 004. My first time to attend the event but it’s already the fourth time that it will happen. It happened in Paymentwall’s office here in Makati. Well, I’m lucky because it is just a few blocks away from my office.

There are three topics tackled on the event. First one is about integrating Paymentwall’s payment gateway service for apps by Titony Sarmiento of Paymentwall. The topic was good. What’s good about Paymentwall is it uses HTML5 widget as a payment solution for your app.

The second topic is about Testing JavaScripts using Mocha by Rico Sta. Cruz of Nadarei Inc. and I think he is the one who started Manila.js. Anyways, the talk was good. I only heard about Mocha before as a tool for testing JavaScripts but I never get the chance to use or to learn using it because of busy work. From this topic, checking from the console in your browser dev tool is not enough. When developing an app, it was really essential to test it thoroughly. He also mentioned about Chai which is an assertion library which is really helpful for testing.

And the last topic was about “Fries” by Joko Sarmiento. It is not the fries you’re thinking of that you can by from McDonald’s or any fast food chains out there. Fries is mobile development framework for Android apps using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Fries was inspired by Ratchet which is also a mobile development framework but meant for iOS. The idea was good since there are already a lot of stuff for iOS out there. Other than Fries, Joko is currently working on another project called “Mayo” which is somewhat alike with Ratchet. Well for me, it is better to work on just one project but it has the flexibility for changing some assets depending on the user agent that was used. For example, if the device is an Android device, it should load stuff for Android. Likewise if the device is an iOS device, it should load stuff for iOS. Well, it’s just a comment.

I can say that the event was great. Free snacks, free booze, the venue is comfy and wide. Actually, Paymentwall’s office is really a good place. I learned some stuff that I might use someday plus new friends that I met. I’d probably attend the next Manila.js Fridays!

Credits to Sophia Lucero for the photos.