PWDO MiniFFC #15 - Mini Web Design Conference & Meetup

PWDO (Philippine Web Designers Organization) is a community for web designers here in the Philippines. Lately, they organized an event called MiniFFC or Mini Form Function & Class Conference. I’m not really a web designer but I got interested to one of the topic which is Ruby on Rails for Designers which me made me attend the MiniFFC.

The topic’s speaker was Ken Daganio of All I can say is, Ken is really a cool guy. Though I didn’t heard much of his talk because I came in late, I still got inspired to learn Ruby on Rails. I’m a PHP guy and I want to try something much higher than this that’s why I want to learn Rails and use it on my future projects.

After Ken’s talk, there is also a Lean Coffee session. On that day, I don’t have any idea what Lean Coffee is. For you to know what it is, Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Participants will be given a pad where they will write a topic they want to be discussed. After the topics will be collected, each of the participants will vote for a topic and for whoever know or have enough knowledge about it, they will come in front and will discuss about it. It’s cool, right? It’s really nice to have something like this because every participatn really interact with each other. Asking questions, contributing ideas, more knowledge to gather.

It’s really nice to attend such an event like this. I really learned a lot. And one thing that I really got interested is that they will also organize a hackathon for a cause. It’s really interesting. I really want to help people by doing what I love, developing some stuff on the web! :)